Wednesday, May 24, 2017

+The green carpet.

So yesterday...we came back home from work like usual.
After a long day at work...we wanted to enter our home peacefully and happily.
But unfortunately that day, we have greeted by the stench of a strong cat shit and make us bleeding inside.
Awww, snap! The green carpet!

Tot sleepover at our home last night and I forgot to roll up our green carpet that morning before leaving to work.
Jane was pooping again at the green carpet!
That green carpet is Jane's favorite place to poop!
I don't know why Jane likes so hella much with that green carpet.
Maybe it looks like a grass field.
We cannot leave a house with that green carpet on the floor.
We think that we don't need that green carpet anymore.
So...bye bye green carpet.

Jane and her green carpet. Duh!